Suburban Swagg features the fresh sounds of up-and-coming artists. “Preppy White Boyz” and “Old Money Way,” provide insight into their privileged lifestyles as they spread the word to stay classy. The lyrics are insouciant Python-esque social commentary intended to encourage discussion about socio-anthropological issues in our too-fast society. Some critics have called Suburban Swagg the Jonathan Swift of the 21st century.

From the ubiquity of “bleach blonde mommas all looking like clones,” to the perils of having old money, their irreverent flavor flaunts their urban pop feel, sans reliance on labio-dental fricatives common to some genres of musical expression. Incidentally, as most prep schools welcome DNA-diversity—thus enriching the intellectual gene pool—do note that Preppy White Boyz’s “whiteness” pertains, not to anything as cliché as skin color, but to the peerless academic dedication sought within the hallowed halls of most prep schools.

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**Suburban Swagg dedicates a portion of after-tax song sales to initiatives that raise awareness about the importance of reef preservation and animal protection charities.


Old Money Way

Preppy White Boyz